Windows 7 Home stuck on "Completing installation"

I am re installing Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron laptop. I used the disc that came with the system. Everything went smooth and restarted a couple of times but once it got to "Completing installation", it's been stuck on it for about an hour. I'm assuming that's not right because I've installed Windows 7 numerous times. The green status bar on the bottom isn't moving at all if that helps. What should I do?

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  1. Ahh had that happen to me before. You have to restart the installation.
  2. Azn Cracker said:
    Ahh had that happen to me before. You have to restart the installation.

    Darn! Just exit it then?
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    make a hirem boot cd...boot from it and do and fdisk/mbr to clear out any damaged files in the mbr. the remove all the partion on the hard drive then make one new one. (just in case there a virus on your system. then do a full format to check for bad sectors on the hard drive. if there a bad spot you ned dos to blank it out so windows and any other program wont use it.
  4. Old thread, but if any future readers are having the same problem, be sure to unplug every single USB device besides the mouse and keyboard. Last time I installed 7, it was stuck for an hour and then I realized I had a hard drive attached and it was scanning the thing(God only knows why it does that). I yanked it out and the installation finished instantly.
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