Dell d630 shuts off randomly.

I have a Dell d630 and it has been shutting off randomly over the last couple of days.
I have Speedfan and I have never seen the temps over 55c (all temps) at load, no load.
It has been working fine before, no new hardware, programs (except Speedfan), or updates installed.
The fan runs (not loudly) and its clean, as is the whole system.
I have run the tests in the bios, no faults detected, then I go to the dell diag. and all the tests pass except
one, the fan test.
It doesn't fail the test, but when I click on the test for the fans the computer shuts off instantly.
I have done this twice. One time I tried all the other tests before the fans, the other time I did the fan test
first, both times the computer cut off. No error mesgs, or warnings.
Seems like there is something going on when the system commands the fan to high speed.
I think the test commands the fan to high, low then off.
Do any of you think this could be as simple as a bad fan? or is there something bigger going on (mobo problems)?
By the way it was shutting off with no programs running, hardly any load.
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  1. Download GPU-Z and tell us your temps from there...

    When was the last time you've cleaned the dust out of it? Compressed Air perhaps?
  2. Yes, the vents and fan are clean. No dust, or clogs.
    Why gpu-z, do you think its a gpu related problem?
    My d630 has a intel gpu.
  3. It is probably a power problem. Do you have another A/C Adapter? Try using that. Also, try using your laptop from another place, another outlet.

    I know it shut's off randomly... but can you give me a few examples of specific tasks that it shutdowns on?
  4. The computer was idle from what I can tell when it shuts off. The first time I noticed it I had no programs
    running and the screen saver was on, I walked out of the room for a few min. came back and it was off.
    I turned it on again, booted up no problem, windows loaded, no problems reported.
    I opened up speedfan and watched the temps. All four temps in the 39c-43c range, left in on my desktop
    and checked on it every now and then, just left it running with no other programs open. After about 3 hrs
    I checked the temps (38c-40c) I went to walk out and it cut off again.
    I left it off that time until I had more time to spend on it.
    Got home and ran the tests that I talked about in my first post.
    As soon as I click on the fan test in the dell diag. utility it cuts off. Tried it twice, all other tests run fine.
    I have another power supply I could try but its for a dell inspiron 1525, would it be the same as the one for
    the d630?

  5. Compare the adapters, if you can read the tags on the body of the adapter. Check to see if the see Watts are the same, same volts, basically, you need to have the same currents... otherwise.. don't try it...
    I'm not sure if the powerbricks are the same, I will try to find out in the meantime.
  6. I didnt try the power cord from the other computer, some power numbers were slightly different, didnt want
    to risk it messing it up even more.
    Looked at it some more last night, now I have another problem. Windows will not load, says there is a missing or damaged file ( windows config or something like that).
    Didnt want to use the repair console to fix it because it might shut off in the middle of something important.
    Thought about updating the bios (a15 to a17) but I'm scared it might cut off in the middle of that too.
    Just going deeper into the rabbit hole on this one and as cheap as the used ones are on ebay, its really not
    worth worrying about any more.
    Might just get another one and use the bad one as a spare parts machine.
    Are d630's good machines overall? or would you suggest something different.
    Only had mine for about 6 months (used and cheap) and it was great while it lasted.
    Dont need anything really new or cutting edge, mostly just on the web for service info and parts ordering
    (automotive repair shop). Specs are 2.2ghz t7500, 2 gig ram, 120gb hd, dvd-cdr, great for what I need.
    Anyway think I'll take her out back and put her down.
    Thanks for the help.
  7. Well.. It isn't really at all that good. But it is decent laptop, You will benifit from getting a current machine. But it isn't at all very important. I don't think it would be wise to keep using it if it continues to act up, you can lose a lot because of that... Updating the BIOS is probably the biggest risk you'll ever take. If you screw up the BIOS, the computer is gone for ever, unless your willing to get the motherboard replaced, which is practically impossible, considering A. specific modeled hardware for laptops is very hard to find. B. It is outdated, no one sells parts for it unless it is scrap.

    If your done with it... I'd try updating the BIOS... It's better then doing nothing.. Unless you have a friend that would enjoy the challenge with "fixing it".

    If you need a recommendation for another laptop, I can help. I will need to know a few things though, even though your flexible, there are variables that make a huge difference.

    Here are the questions I need you to answer, copy and paste them here in a reply, make sure to answer them :D
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