New motherboard, mouse not working for setup

I recently got a new msi 970a-g46 motherboard and put together a new computer using my old hard drive. Problem is it isnt recognizing my usb mouse or keyboard. I also tried the ps2 port with an old keyboard and mouse but only the keyboard will work. Ive tried 2 different mice and they both dont work. I need a mouse to reinstall windows. I dont know what the problem is... any help is needed, thanks!
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  1. try going in the bios and make sure any usb settings relating to mice and keyboards are enabled

    dont plug mouse or keyboard in usb 3.0 ports use usb 2.0

    and it is possible to install windows using only a keyboard

    my m60 mouse wont work installing windows--wont work till windows is loaded and i install the mouse driver

    even though the mouse works in the bios

    its frustrating installing windows only using the keyboard--but is possible
  2. Go to BIOS and make sure USB Legacy is enabled.
  3. What version of Windows?

    Dont use blue USB3 ports

    If you were using Windows 8 these ports would actually work (native usb3 xhci support etc)
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