Help!! CRC errors on all large downloads

Every time I download a large file from the net, e.g. a game demo, I always get CRC errors when extracting it. If I download the file on my old computer it works just fine (PIII). If I move the good file to my new computer and try to open, I get the same crap, CRC errors.

Here is my setup:
AMD XP2100
Windows XP
Shuttle AK37GT mobo
GEForce 3
512M Ram (2 x 256)
80 Gig Maxtor
1 built in NIC & 1 3Com NIC
Road Runner

I have swapped out the Harddrive, tried the PC with only 1 RAM chip, changed the NIC, tried Win 2K, XP.

This is driving me nuts, in fact I think I'm ready to office space the PC out back.

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  1. Problem solved. I ended up replacing the Shuttle motherboard with an Asus motherboard. Now its rock solid, no crc errors, no blue screens, nada.
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