Need help with drivers.

I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit and an Asrock z77 extreme6 mobo.

I would like to know which drivers I need, I went to the web-sight and cant figure out which one was the chipset or NIC, and should I use the intel usb driver, or the etron usb driver?
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    download all the drivers--except the sata floppy and sata raid

    the chipset should be 3rd in the list--inf 9.3.0--install that 1st

    the nic is the broadcom

    use both usb drivers
  2. thank you all so much!
  3. Wait, with the usb drivers is there any advantage to using both one or the other? sorry I am kind of new to this and want to make absolutely sure i'm getting the the most out of my p.c. I herd some bad things about the etron driver :/
  4. Ok, I read you are supposed to have both usb drivers, because they use different parts of the cpu, mobo from multiple scores.

    next question is do I install intel management engine driver?

    I read around a bit and still have no idea what it does if you could explain to me in simpleified terms that would be great :)
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