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I'm switching over to Windows 7 Professional, from Windows XP Pro / 32-Bit. I downloaded the drivers for my ASUS M3A78-EM Motherboard. The drivers are in the .zip format. After extracting the drivers, how do I know where to put these drivers ? Being they have to go into a CAB file. But, all CAB files have cryptic titles. Unless there's a way for Windows 7 to find these drivers (by itself) and install them. Usually, when you extract a .zip file, you are asked where you want to extract the files to. Would going into Device Manager, Motherboard, then selecting UPDATE would work. Hopefully, the System would be able to find the extracted files on my DeskTop (?).

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  1. Windows 7 does a pretty good job locating drivers for most devices on it's own, but for the ones it doesn't:

    Unzip the files to a folder of your choice. Go to Device manager > right click on item that is missing driver > update driver software... > Browse my computer for driver software > direct it to the folder you chose to unzip files to

    Windows 7 is savvy enough to know which driver belongs to which device.
  2. normally when you unzip the drivers they arent cab files

    you will get a folder with a load of files in there--some may be cab

    but there will be an exe file--usually called asus setup

    just double click that

    no need for manual browsing to the drivers

    i usually make a folder on the desktop

    call it drivers or whatever you want--download all the drivers into it

    use 7zip or winrar etc right click and extract here--should give you a new folder with the unzipped files in it--find the exe file

    and double click
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