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Fans Have Dust in them or what???

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January 24, 2002 2:57:22 AM

Hello, I have posted this before a few weeks back in another forum and maybe you can help. One day I tried turning on my PC and i got this struggling noise for a while. At first I thought it was the processor but they don't make any sounds?? If you've ever heard this, it sounds like the processor is just struggling to get started. When I first start up the P.C. it'll do it for like 4 or 5 seconds and then go away. I thought this must just be dust in the fans so ofcourse I open up the case and try blowing it all out. I was told by many experts this HAS to be the problem. It still didn't fix the sound and I used the spray can everywhere I could. What other suggestions could I do to this? The ironic thing is my last computer made this same sound and eventually the processor died out. Is this sound the fans or what is it?? PLEASE help me guys. Has anyone else gotten this sound hwen you load up your P.C. and how do I get rid of it?

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January 24, 2002 3:57:36 AM

Turn it on without the case. Determine <b>exactly</b> where the sound is coming from first.

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January 24, 2002 5:11:26 AM

It sounds like one of the fans in your case is going bad. Determine exactly what fan it is by opening your case, then powering your computer up. Check the fan in your power supply and on your processor, these are the most important. If you have them, also check the motherboard, video card, and front intake fans. Replace any fans that are going bad, it will extend the life of your PC!

And then of course it could be your hard drive, which could end up very tragicly. ;) 

Good luck
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January 24, 2002 12:24:41 PM

Could be one of your fans going bad. I recommend replacing it after you found it which fan is bad.

My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek:  .
a b à CPUs
January 24, 2002 12:37:06 PM

Right I can do this but one of the problems is, the sound is only there for a few seconds, plus if i shutdown, the sound won't come the next time i restart it so basically I just have to leave it shutdown for a while before that sound comes again. I know there's really nothing you can do about that but it is a pain to have to keep on waiting to get the sound again. Does that make sense though that its one of the fans thats making it and it's not dust? The only reason I say that is because when you power on the computer just 10 seconds later after the first time, you will get no sound. You would think if the fan is bad, you would get the sound all the time, everytime you boot up, right?
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January 24, 2002 12:55:32 PM

Its a fan allright. Probably the one inside your Power supply. I've had that numerous times, even with a PSU that was not even a year old. Initially, it only happens at boot up, but after a while, it will start making noise when in operation. Very anoying. I postponed the replacement of the fan by applying some sewing machine oil, but that only helped for a few weeks.

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January 24, 2002 1:14:03 PM

Im sure this is somehwre else, anyway, next time the pc has been off for a while, open the case, put your finger on the cpu fan and power on,see if the noise is there, if it IS there, its not the cpu fan (need to repeat test with vid card fan), release fan, if noise then happens then theres the probolem. You can momenterily stop the fan again to double check.

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January 24, 2002 6:24:20 PM

How old are your HD's?
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January 24, 2002 7:48:45 PM

Well someone asked how old my HD's were. The computer is real new. Like 2 months old and every part into it was brand new so I don't feel its the hard drive that's doing this.
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January 25, 2002 2:11:10 AM

Generally this is NOT caused by DUST but by loose FAN BEARINGS. Probably either your power supply or your CPU. If you put your finger in the middle of the CPU fan while the noise occurs and it goes away, that's it. Otherwise, it's probably your power supply fan. Unlike the con artist in most computer parts stores, I would recommend replacing the power supply fan if it's bad, while they would replace the whole power supply in order to make a bigger sale!

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