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my grandma has a laptop with windows 7 on it and i want to get it so i can put it on my new build. i no you can get them because i copied windows vista onto a usb. so what i really wan to know is if there are any programs that you can download to find and copy all the operating system files and put them into one place, i doesnt really matter where it puts it as long as i can get them, so i dont have to buy it i would ratter find a program to do it. im sure i could find it all manually but i might miss something or get something a dont need so i anyone can help me that would be much apreciated
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  1. You idiots would spend a lot less time signing up here and asking for something that no one here will provide. For any reason whatsoever. Buy it. And read the Terms of Service, youd save yourself a lot of time and not ask stupid questions here. Its against the ToS to even ask how to get a free copy of Windows. Save your allowance and buy it.
  2. If copying a copyrighted OS was legal and that easy, then wouldn't everyone would be doing it?
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