Installing Win XP on Disgo Notebook


I have a Disgo Notebook netbrowser that I need to install windows XP on - currentley has win CE on it :heink:

I know its a pathetic 'notebook' cheap and simple and its not mine.
Just wanted to know if anyone has achieved this from a flash drive and if it actually works?


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  1. Hi Carl I bought one of these things for £20 on ebay a while back. The answer is no you cannot install any os on these 'sub netbooks' all data related to the os is stored on a volatile rom chip. This means that you cannot even install any new software and if you save documents to the defualt folder they will be lost upon reboot.
  2. I wonder if you could boot to flash, or an external hd. That way you can make a bootable partition on an external to use but you would have to have that plugged in at all times. Sort of like portable linux builds that you can fit on a flash drive.
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