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Just a wee question that I've been pondering... Is it possible to add a SLOT-1 CPU to a motherboard (Intel 82810) that already has a Socket 370 CPU (Celeron 466) installed and thus have a dual CPU setup?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  2. ...hmmm.

    I'll assume this Socket370 CPU is on a slocket, and you have a second slot in the motherboard.

    Yet model "82810" seems to signify that it's an Intel i810 motherboard--in which case I don't see how you could have two CPU slots. You might have a slot <i>and</i> a socket, with the slot there only for backwards compatibility, in which case the slot and the socket are probably mutually exclusive. Thus no go on dual CPUs.

    Assuming it's a dual Slot1, because I've never heard of the sort of i810 motherboard described above...

    It <i>should</i> be possible, as long as the CPU steppings aren't too far apart. If the specced Vcores the two CPUs are different, it might be a problem; it depends on the motherboard and any slocket you're using. For example, with the 440LX chipset of yore, you could combine an old 300MHz Deschutes PII with a newer, lower-voltage 300MHz Klamath PII, <i>if</i> the motherboard had built-in VRMs capable of managing separate voltage levels per slot. You might have to consult your motherboard manual for that info.

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  3. No, your better off buying a dual CPU motherboard. nothing you can do like that with your motherboard.

    You cannot add a CPU into one of your PCI slots.
  4. What, are you using one of those boards with one socket and one slot? They aren't made to use both at the same time, forget it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. Many thanks guys for your informative responses.
    Give a chap something to think about over the weekend... while supping a brew.

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