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Dual CPU?

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January 24, 2002 10:30:19 PM


Just a wee question that I've been pondering... Is it possible to add a SLOT-1 CPU to a motherboard (Intel 82810) that already has a Socket 370 CPU (Celeron 466) installed and thus have a dual CPU setup?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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January 24, 2002 11:31:15 PM

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January 24, 2002 11:31:22 PM


I'll assume this Socket370 CPU is on a slocket, and you have a second slot in the motherboard.

Yet model "82810" seems to signify that it's an Intel i810 motherboard--in which case I don't see how you could have two CPU slots. You might have a slot <i>and</i> a socket, with the slot there only for backwards compatibility, in which case the slot and the socket are probably mutually exclusive. Thus no go on dual CPUs.

Assuming it's a dual Slot1, because I've never heard of the sort of i810 motherboard described above...

It <i>should</i> be possible, as long as the CPU steppings aren't too far apart. If the specced Vcores the two CPUs are different, it might be a problem; it depends on the motherboard and any slocket you're using. For example, with the 440LX chipset of yore, you could combine an old 300MHz Deschutes PII with a newer, lower-voltage 300MHz Klamath PII, <i>if</i> the motherboard had built-in VRMs capable of managing separate voltage levels per slot. You might have to consult your motherboard manual for that info.

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January 24, 2002 11:42:07 PM

No, your better off buying a dual CPU motherboard. nothing you can do like that with your motherboard.

You cannot add a CPU into one of your PCI slots.
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January 25, 2002 1:57:16 AM

What, are you using one of those boards with one socket and one slot? They aren't made to use both at the same time, forget it.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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January 25, 2002 9:39:48 AM

Many thanks guys for your informative responses.
Give a chap something to think about over the weekend... while supping a brew.