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M9700 Operating System Needs Drivers That Are Not On My M9700 OS(Window 7)

i ammm having the biggest problem of my life with this laptop. its a normal M9700. my mother is in the army and she got it for me.but they had to blank it before giving it to her. now i have the laptop. i try to put my windows 7 on it. it works up to the part when its asking for drivers. i have searched for months and i have found drivers . but still when i put in the usb and seach for the drivers it does not show upp.i have ask Geeksquad about this problem and they are saying its going to be about 150.00 i know that does not sound like allot but i just dont have that kind of money . im 16 and its kind of hard to get a job where i am. the computer works fine. its just the problem of getting the drivers on their. i really need help with this pleaseeee.. if anyone knows anything about this problem just let me know.. thank you,
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  1. What drivers do you need? Are you installing 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7. Windows 7 is very good about finding drivers itself if connected to the Internet when you are installing it.

    Have you been able to get Win 7 installed to completion? Please clarify.
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    Using Google I found this: Alienware Help
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