Help I think I Fried My CPU

Yes I just bought a p4 1.5 ghz and an asus p4t mainboard I've got a geforce 2mx 400 video card and 512 mb rdram I have the correct power supply but don't have a case with standoffs for the processor . I got the motherboard to boot a couple of times and then it quit the fans and lights on case are working but nothing else . can someone help me? The case and the video card are suspect to me. as the board only accepts a 1.5 volt card the card says that its agp 2.0 compliant so I assume it will do the 1.5 volts.
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  1. Sorry, I don't have a clue of whats going on. But I would like to point out an interesting little phenomenon here. No one has responded to this post. Normally there are at least 5 responses to a fried CPU thread. But here we have a P4. I think that the AMD folks don't have knowledge enough to help and Intel fans are too embarrassed to say anything? Neat little hypothesis at the very least.

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  2. Heh.

    Maybe you fried your cpu with the video card issue, fugger, ray some help?

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  3. AGP 2.0 compliant means that it can do AGP 2x and 4x, AGP 2x is 3V and AGP 4x is 1.5V (if I'm correct), your motherboard and video card automatically select the proper voltage.
    What exactly do you mean by 'the standoffs for the processor are missing', can't you properly mount the heatsink, is some part of the mobo touching the case and shorting?
    Try if removing the mem/videocard makes your motherboard generating some beeps on startup, otherwise there is probably something wrong with the CPU.
    I don't own a P4 so I don't exactly know what you're meaning.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  4. Hmm, try getting it tested at a computer store. It's more likely that the motherboard's dead than the CPU. I killed a motherboard under mysterious circumstances last year after using it for three years. I told my sister I would build her a machine using my old mobo and CPU. I took the Asus P2B (working perfectly) and P3/500 out of my case and put them both in static bags for a couple weeks while I waited for all the other parts to arrive (video and sound cards etc.). Later when I put her machine together, the thing wouldn't boot, all I got was the CPU fan and power LED as signs of life.

    Went to a computer store to find out WTF was going on and discovered that the mobo was *dead*. To this day I don't know what I did wrong. Perhaps static electricity shorted it somehow, but it was very annoying since I had to buy a new mobo for my sister and of course couldn't raise the cost I had given her for building her machine.
  5. I was just reading the ASUS FAQ on the P4T and the i850 chipset only supports 1.5 volts for the video card (AGP 4X), and AGP 2X is 3.3V. You likely fried your motherboard, and maybe even your video card. I doubt your CPU is gone though.
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