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I recently purchased a Sony Vaio vpcf1390x with a 320gb HDD. I chose not to upgrade the HDD because I intended on purchasing an SSD for my laptop. I contacted Sony's tech support asking if the interface is SATA III so I would know whether or not to buy a newer gen SSD, but the tech said that I couldn't use any other SSD besides the ones that Sony uses due to compatibility issues. The thing is, I just can't see that being true and the person I was talking to sounded like she either a) really had no technical knowledge, or b) was trying to feed me some b/s to buy their $800 250gb SSD. But I figure I might as well be safe rather than sorry, so I'll just ask:

Is what tech support said true, or would I be able to put in an SSD?
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    You can, that is pure garbage.... You don't know what kind of garbage theses companies are teaching the tech support... I once had a problem with my Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 3000 with our hp, the mouse worked on other laptops though... So, I went online and had a chat with the hp live chat support, the guy told me that it was because the mouse was from Microsoft, and it supported Windows XP, and the version of Windows vista on the laptop wasn't compatible.. So, he suggested that I get their 100 dollar logitech mouse xD I told him to stop trolling and I exited XD

    These people are crazy... Always bring your issues here first :D No one here is going to try and make money off of you.
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