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I'm running a PIII 1.0ghz, asus mobo, 20gb hard drive, 384mb ram, nvidia geforce 2 TI 64mb agp video card, on win98SE. My computer has been locking up out of no where, both inside apps and at the desktop. It starts out happening at 1hour then on restart it happens at 30minutes then 15 then it wont restart at all. I removed my 3d card and put an old 2d card in, now it is working fine, the comp has been up for over 10 hours with no probs. Where is the problem here, is it the 3d card or?? Also I have Asus Probe and Hmonitor software running and both say the cpu temp is around 90deg, while the bios says the cpu temp is at 123.5 degrees. Which is correct? And can a 3d card overheat the cpu, if so should i replace the 3d card or what can be done?? thanks!
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  1. I'm assuming the temps you give are in F not C?! I hope so! Asus probe is known for not being very accurate reading temps. MBM5 is better. Strange that the temps reported in BIOS and Asus probe are different. I thought hardware monitors got their readings from the BIOS. Also strange that everything works with your 2d card. What drivers are you using for your 3d card? Do you know your case temps? Remove the side from your comp and place a small fan blowing into the case. If that solves your problem then you know heat is probably the source of the lockups.
    Just something to try.
    Good luck!

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  2. It also could be that you're running out of power instead of overheating. The newer 3D cards drain more power then the 2D, it could be that you're maxing out the powersupply and that after a certain time it stops functioning normal.

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  3. I got different temp reading from bios and Asus probe. Asus probe shows 10 degree higher than the bios. Don't know which one is correct. The bios said 40 degree C, and the probe said 50 degree C.
  4. What is the wattage rating on your Power Supply? If it's 300 or less, I would recomend replacing it, as it is likely causing a problem. The Enermax 350 watt PSUs are quite nice, and reasonably priced.

    If your tempuratures are in Ferinheit and not in Celcius, then you're ok for heat, if not, then you're WAY too hot. Adding a case fan might not hurt either way if you have room.

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