Does anyone know anything about socket 423 CPU's

I just bought a p4 1.5 ghz and an asus p4t mainboard I've got a geforce 2mx 400 video card and 512 mb rdram I have the correct power supply but don't have a case with standoffs for the processor . I got the motherboard to boot a couple of times and then it quit the fans and lights on case are working but nothing else . can someone help me? The case and the video card are suspect to me. as the board only accepts a 1.5 volt card the card says that its agp 2.0 compliant so I assume it will do the 1.5 volts.
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  1. the video card will work and i'm susprised your having problems. any case should do as long as the p/s is correct. i've used the p4t with s423 cpus about 5 times without a problem. flashing the bios would be my first suggestion... how far in the boot process do u get b4 it hangs?? does it post??
  2. The first couple of times it went to the cmos setup and locked up. Then I got past that one time and it started to boot into windows and then the speaker start to beep and it would never boot into any screen at all again.
  3. I don't recall where I read this, but it's my understanding that those boards only support AGP 4X cards, and if you try using a 2X card, you can burn your motherboard, because the voltages for 4X and 2X are different.
  4. The video card is supposed to be agp 4x and 2x compatible
  5. Oh and I tried another motherboard an intel 850gb and nothing happened board lights went on but no video. The video card is still good as I tried it in my old motherboard
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