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I have 2 laptops. One ran Vista and teh hard drive crashed - the other was also dead. I transfered the hard drive and its running Windows 7 starterbut it will expire in 2 days as its a OEM version.

Any ideas what I can do ?
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  1. activate windows and select over the phone, give microsoft a call and tell them what happened and hope they're lenient!
  2. Even if you transfered Win 7 Starter, You would really need to Upgrade it.
    If not upgraded, Visata (with all updates) would probably be a better option than win 7 starter.

    Use a copy of vista to re-install vista on the HDD from the "dead" Laptop. DO not enter the Key during the Installation. After the Installation is completed, then Enter the key and activate.

    If you can afford it, then buy a copy of Windows 7 premium and Upgrade the Vista.

    Better yet
    You can do this straight out, buy an Upgrade windws 7 copy and use it to do a "Clean" Install. This is Legal as you own the qualifing OS - It Does NOT have to be Installed.

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