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I recently bought a 17" NEC LCD monitor. It was one of the ones most recently reviewed here, and it is really a superb monitor, except for some dizzying trailing in games. As far as the review, I am a little annoyed at the reviewers 4 out of five gaming rating, because compared to my 19" NEC CRT, this one gives me the beginnings of motion sickness and, in reality, is not a real gaming monitor... BUT the real issue is NEC. THEY SUCK. I have a big fat dead pixel in the middle of my screen glowing bright blue, and it is incredible annoying when the screen is mostly black or dark. LUCKILY, I bought it from gateway and was saved from NEC by gateway's desire to back up their advertised friendly, helpful service. If you buy it from another merchant, BEWARE. Unless the merchant wants to go out of their way to ship you a new one (which I got gateway to do after some yelling and screaming) NEC's official and incredibly infuriating official statement is that unless SIX pixels are dead or dying, they will not allow a return or an exchange or any support. They actually started reading me some class B monitor specification section A or some crap that stated that the defective monitor was aceptible. NEC needs to learn that the quality of their products is judged by the consumer. If I had bought 50 of them and a few had these problems, I wouldnt care, but when I shell out 500 bucks for a monitor, there better not be any problems. They have got to have the worst return policies and standards on the planet, and I thinnk that their sales should suffer from it, but the only point I can make here is, DO NOT shell out your hard earned money for an NEC monitor unless you buy it from a brick and mortar or a big company like dell or gateway. It aint worth the 40 bucks to get it from the small people, folks, you might get screwed.
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  1. Uh dude
    A) 1 dead pixel is really small so not a concern in a field with 1280x1024, or 1310720 pixels.
    B) What you describe is a dead subpixel, not a fully dead pixel- there's a distinction in that simply the r or g or b phosphor isn't working, vs all 3 being dead.
    C) Have u any idea how much it would cost to sell only perfect lcd's? Prices would be ridiculously high. The production process is such that in the transistors that r created, u can't throw away 1 defective 1 cause u'd need to create an entire new panel (vs in other areas where a defect can simply be thrown out).

    Every company is like that.

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  2. CRT = big hunk of junk that makes you pull sweat going to a lan, but ohh boy it's so pretty and problem free eh. ;)

    love the look and weight of those sexy slim LCD toys, but I hear nothing but bad things when it comes to playing and reliability.

    anyone using a plasma monitor? seen a few in the store (at least sticker said plasma) and they're just super (the price too). if those guys lower prices then CRT's and LCD's will die out quick. couldn't see it in action to see how would a game look like on them (store was playing dvd on them), maybe one day somebody going to review them and we can lust for one.

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  3. Be optimistic! Your CRT is not making life harder at lans, it's helping you work out and live longer. So in a sense, CRT's should be taken 5 times a day to keep the doctor away:)

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