Rebecca Black or Justin Bieber

Which of the 2 horrors do you prefer?

I don't know even know if this belongs in the music section lol.
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  1. Why? Can't society live without him. JB should of just been an internet more! Black..well...don't ask...
  2. I don't listen or know much about Beiber or Black...but what I do know is that they have more pocket change then all of you combined will make in your entire lifetimes from your salary and bonuses. Beiber I heard is worth assuming he is only making 5% interest on all of his money without investing...he is making 5million a year from interest alone...which is 3 times the amount most Americans make collectively in their entire lifetimes.

    You can laugh all you want, but Beiber is probably sitting his mansion laughing at how poor all of us are.

    Just my $0.02
  3. I know, society is so fxxked up. Someone as untalented as Bieber can be a millionaire and some hardworking parents can just make a living for the family. Guess what? The parents give money to their children to buy Bieber product so their children will "fit in" with their peers. Those parents have a valid reason to be discontent. The advertising machines contributes to the success of Bieber!

    If Bieber has real talent, although I may not listen to his music because it is not my style, but I will not get as annoy by having an unrefined voice shove down their ears by advertising machines when you turn on the tv or radio, or worse an mp3, just keeps playing and playing. You may ask why don't I turn it off? The problem is I can't turn it off, my cousin loved it. I complaint but she ignored me and I have to endure that for like a month, then luckily I move away and don't have to endure more torture. I think that is why I find him really unbearable.

    Rebecca is ok as of now. Although her auto tune is terrible, she haven't established her brand yet. She still have a choice to go with proper talent with practice instead of becoming an advertising machine made star.


    Beiber will lose his boyish look and can no long be the "teenage idol" of the advertising machine so he will have to acquire real talent to remain as tier 1 star.
  4. ^ +1
  5. +1 from me as well :pfff:
    how about this? I think it shows Rebecca Black's true talent
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