Win 7 burned DVD, only gives option to play chapters, not play all!

I burned a DVD on my Windows 7 laptop and this is the second DVD that I try to play on the eMac running OS 10.4. I understand, the technology from Windows 7 is way too advanced for an eMac this old to be able to keep up. But does this sound familiar? My DVD player plays all, so does my laptop. I already tried VLC and the Mac's own DVD player app. I get title screen with chapters, I can browse all chapters without any problem and play each of them separately. In VLC I only see "pause" button, so I press it, nothing happens, press the same button (which turns to "play") and nothing happens. In the Mac's DVD player app, playing the DVD only gets black screen.

The DVD was burned with Nero in an Acer Windows 7 laptop, if that helps any. I am guessing the Nero program takes for granted that "pushing the play button" in any device will "play all", however since we are talking about how certain computer interact with a DVD, it seems my setup expects a "Play-all" button on title screen like the one from the Roxio burner app I use on this Mac, the title screen shows chapters, but it also has a "Play all" button. Does Nero have that option? How can I work around this? Thanks!
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  1. I had the same problem. I burned a 6 chapter DVD using Nero, and on a portable dvd player i have to use the menu, I can't use the play all.
  2. Now that I remember there is also a DVD I burned that refused to play-all on the DVD player too, but only one of them. At the moment I'm using Amazon DVD-R, could this be tracked down to brand name of the DVD?
  3. No, mine were Memorex. I think it's Nero.
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