If my windows computer name is different than my current log on can i still log

My computer got a virus. I did a hard recovery from the boot system. I was able to log on, from windows and my default programs were loaded. I changed my computer user name.
Then as I was downloading my software again, I remembered I had a Clickfree 6 that would allow me to reload all my files and programs from boot up.
When windows started the username did not match. I tried to log on, trying to remember the previous password (which I'm' sure I rememberd) and it would not allow me to log on.
It said username or password incorrect. Does this mean I cannot access my computer?

I can buy a program to crack the password but if I was able to reset the password would I be able to log on since the username no longer matches?

Can I purchase Windows and install it from the boot menu since I cannot log onto windows?

Do you have any other suggestion Email gdcsb2@aol.com
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  1. you can crack it for free, go here

    download either of the top two, i believe you have win 7 so the middle one.
    burn it to a cd with a program that supports iso burning like "imgburn"

    pop in the cd and tell your computer to boot from it. if i remember right it pretty much automaticly goes from there. if not check youtube for videos. there are plenty
  2. This looks like a great site. I downloaded the program onto a CD
    I changed my boot to run from CD
    Absolutely nothing happened upon reboot

  3. Hello I tried what you said. The site is great.
    For some reason when I reboot my computer nothing happens. Ugh

    I went into into boot and F10 to say boot from CD

    I restarted the computer and you could hear the CD running and stopping and running again and then nothing. The comptuer would not reboot and nothing came up on the screen except a blinking cursor. When I take out the CD the computer reboots to window password screen.


    I downloaded the file onto 3 discs just to make sure it was downloaded.

    Any suggestions as what I could be doing wrong. Thx
  4. thats odd. have you tried the disk on another computer?
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