My PC turns off by itself when I play games! Help.

I just built a new pc and while I can surf the net with no problems when I play games it will turn off by itself some minutes after I started playing. Any ideas why? I can even run 3Dmark2001 and got fairly good scores of 4294pts. with my Radeon overclocked to 250/230 and No OC to the CPU nor the bus. BTW when the game crashes I aint overclocking anything.
AMD Tbird 1.4
Gigabyte 7DXR (I updated the bios via internet)
Corsair 256MB Ram
using built in Sound Blaster 128
Radeon SE 64MB VIVO
Western Digital HD
Also..I have the temperature warning set at 60C but there is no alarm before it shuts down.
Hope some one could help me...Regards
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  1. Windows xp?

    If so go to controlpanel/system/advanced/startup and recovery

    and uncheck the box that says automatically restart.

    Once done, you should get a bsod instead of a shutdown, and this will tell you what driver is causing the error.

    If you do not have windows xp, the psu is the first thing I would check.

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  2. How many Watt is your powersupply?

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  3. Sorry that I forgot to mention..I am using W98SE. My PS is 400W so no problem there. What I did found by using Norton Utilities is that my memory seems to be defective. It won't complete the test and Norton tells me that it has the following error:
    ERROR detected at 128786432
    Could that turn off my pc? I am thinking that when playing a game like NHL2002 I need all the 256MB Corsair Ram capacity an when it gets to the defective adress it shuts down...of course what do I know?! :-)
    Hope this new info helps
  4. No, don't think that is the problem, when I run Norton I also get one error, but my system runs rock stable with Windows98 and I also have Corsair RAM, don't think that is a real problem.
    You can check if your CAS is set to 2.5 (or 3 if you don't have DDR RAM) and also check your Voltages and see if they don't differ to much, although the PSU is 400W which is enough.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. Yeah, I think it's your RAM. Bad sticks sometimes happen to good people.

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  6. But how do you explain that I get a error at adress 352260096? I also used MemTest-86 v2.8 but that doesn't give any errors, and my system almost never crashes.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  7. i had this board and corsair memory and had all sorts of problems too....with two different sticks....i got me some mushkin high perf and it worked like a charm....i read several threads about that board and pc2400 not working well
  8. Get a copy of Motherboard Monitor 5.1. Set the Log interval to 10 seconds. Have it create the log on your Desktop. Make sure the sensors are set for your motherboard. Run your games. Temperature and voltage information will be sent to the log at the interval chosen above. After your system has a problem just restart and look at the log. Pay close attention to the +3.3 and +5 volt readings.

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  9. BTW my memory is 256MB DDR 2100 no ECC. I am checking the monitor and memtest ideas now.
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