1.2Ghz Celeron PGA2 on a Abit BM6 and BH6 mobo?

Has anyone tried a 1.2Ghz Celeron PGA2 on the Abit BM6 (w/ BIOS TZ) and/or BH6 (v1.0 w/ BIOS SS)?

I tried, but no display or even error beeps. With both mobos, I cleared the CMOS before booting up, but still nothing. The SoftMenu for both mobos have FSB setting of 100 and multiplier of 12 so I thought the 1.2 Celeron would work.
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  1. The boards ARE LISTED on Powerleap's compatability list. It also says you need to manually set your AGP speed to 2/3 for the BM6 in BIOS. You might need to upgrade your BIOS as well.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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