How hot is your system?

I just re booted and checked my cpu temp in the bios, its at 42c. When ive just turned on my pc its at 32c. Is this too hot? Also I play a lot of games, so should i get a drive bay extracter fan or a pci extractor fan?

Currently i have a althlon xp 1500 with a coolermaster heatsink (for up to xp 2000), and a case fan on intake.
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  1. 42 is good. mine is 35-40 under load. everything under 50 is fine with me.
  2. If your system is stable, then you're fine on heat. However, over 55 is, at least in my oppinion, a warning level, as is 60, 65, ect

    RAM Disk is not an instalation step.
  3. You are fine - 42C is absolutley nothing to worry about - very low in fact.

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  4. Mine CPU 30 C now in Windows98 with IE and Winamp running, case temp is 25 C.
    You have nice low temps.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. Mine is 49c idle, and 55c while playing games.
  6. anything under 50c should be fine. My PIII running at 48 - 50
  7. K cheers, still might buy a pci extractor fan. As now i have got a geforce 2 64mb mx-400 agp in.
  8. I'm running dual MP 1600+'s.
    Both run about 48C idle and 54C under full load.

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  9. Dude 42 degrees is good. Most Athlon systems run over 50 degrees with stock coolers. At least that's what I've seen. I just ordered some Arctic Silver II though...
  10. My AthlonXP 1600+ with boxed cooler and Arctic Silver II is running at 39C standing, 46C under load. When adding fans, make sure you have as many blowing in as you have blowing out, otherwise you don't get the best flow.

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  11. My AXP 1600 with Volcano 7 runs at 46 ºC idle or whatever I guess! It is pretty hot with such a cooler, a reason to why it is so damn noisy. I am gonna add case fans this week, to see how it goes. When cold booting, it's at a cool and silent 28ºC. How much would 2 case fans help??? I am not gonna pay for more, these things cost 15$ CDN each! Is it better to get 2 80mm from Antec or 2 80 mm Ball Bearing Generic? What's ball-bearing?

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  12. i have an AMD XP1700 with a thermalright SK-6. im at 37c idle, and 43c with TOAST running (10 minutes)
    case temp= 25c to 27c.

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  13. I love my o/c'ed Tbird at 945 running at 35-38 C idle and 42 max :) That's just with a Global Win FOP32-1 and adequate case cooling.

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  14. Has anyone here used a program called VCool? I installed it and it dropped my idle temp from 39C to 30C. I was pretty impressed. You can get it <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> if you want to try it out.

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  15. Yeah, I think your right. On most of the systems I've built there is only the single mount for a fan down in the lower front of the chassis for intake air. I need to install some fans in the 5.25" bays I guess to bring more air in.

    On my personal system (PentiumIII) I've added a squirrel fan for exhaust, and one of those PCI port fans for more intake. I did this because my video card tends to run hot (GF2 MX400). It ran at 57 deg C without the exhaust blower and PCI fan- now it runs at about 50 deg C. These are no-load conditions too.
  16. I think I have one of the hottest systems in temp. I need to get a new Case. My computer is running 58c to 70c with PC Alart But the Bios and Sisoft says 53c to 65c. So I m been going by bios and sisoft. But use PC Alart to beep when it hits 71c.

    What is a good case I can get that has dual Fans in the front and in the back? Two blowing in two blowing out.

    Thanks for the info
  17. Yep. Just obtained and installed the PRG.

    My temps have gotten as low as 24C, even on an OC'd XP 1900+ @1716 MHz.

    Of course on, there are Temp FX BIOS's, ONLY for ASUS boards, and not for other boards such as Epox, MSI, Gigabyte, etc... :-(

    Nevertheless, thanks for the URL :-)
  18. Somebody please answer!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  19. sounds like very nice temps... for a nice quiet heatsink.
    i run at 40-45 full load with my athlon 1200C.
    but ive heavily overclocked to 1400 and are using a monster swiftech cooler :D

    The lack of thermal protection on Athlon's is cunning way to stop morons from using AMD. :)
  20. Eden, just find some 80mm fans with the biggest flow rate like from Sunnon (unless you're worried about noise; my computer sounds like a vacuum cleaner but its never hotter than 39C).
  21. Ball bearings just make the fan less likely to burn out.
  22. That was my point, I want a less noisy system so I need to make cooler case temps to make my Volcano 7 spin less!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  23. Eden try this program, you can lower the speed of your fan so that it quiets down a bit, just don't lower it too much ;)..
  24. Another important thing to remember about computer fans is besides a good CFM they need to have the power. I forget the exact details, but for a fan there should be some indication of the air pressures it can produce, but this could also be hidden in the power rating spec of the drive motor, since they are so closely coupled.

    The reason this is important because we want to deffinitely force the cooling issue, if you'll pardon the pun. There are many cables and other obstructions to good airflow in computer cases, so a combination of power and speed is what is needed.
  25. I know and I will have the techies tommorow examine the case's airflow. It is well aired though, for a generic one. It has on both sides 2 stacks of air holes up and down, or each side of case and on back with an additional rear case fan other than power Supply one.
    Hopefully it will help tommorow.

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  26. mine is currently at 55.5 due to a room temp of 33.2. usually its about 53. how come you guys' idle temps are so far from your load temps? mine always settles at 51.

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  27. I'm not a good one to ask really. My experiences with various cases is rather limited. But I did see some really cool (no pun intended) Aluminum cases that are supposed to be like one giant heatsink because they conduct so well. But boy are they pricy (>$200!!!).

    You might want to look into some of those round IDE cables. I don't know how much this improves airflow, but I'm thinking of trying it myself. Those squirrel fans seem really good for exhaust, but my complaint is that they have to be installed at the bottom. Because hot air rises, it seems better to put the exhaust fans at the top...
  28. Another thing you could do is use DC fan speed controllers. This would be pretty cool! The fans run b/w 40% to 100% depending on the temperature range set by the user. So if you set the range 35 deg. to 50 deg. C then the fan would increase its speed by 4% for every degree over 35 degrees! This would minimize system noise while maintaining thermal management! I may have to try this!
  29. My system, athlon 1.13 kt266chipset thing runs at about 34c when i switch it on, and the highest i've seen it is about 49c. My case temperature is usually a few degree's lower. And i've always got the side of the case off too.
  30. Hi, AtolSammeek,

    You asked about a good case with lots of fans. I have the Antec SX830, and i love it. it has an easy access door, removable hard drive bay, floppy bay, and includes five case fan mounts (two in back, two in front, and one in the hard drive bay). it comes with two fans, mounted in the back.

    check it out at

    this is a 300 W model, there are a number of larger/smaller models with different power supplies. i paid $140 canadian for mine from

    my mobo temp is 30C, while my cpu temp idles at 40C, but my heatsink isnt' high end, the thermaltake volcano II.

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  31. ASUS boards are compatible with PCprobe software so you can constantly monitor the CPU temperatute. Pentium processors have a built in temperature limit of 50°C, so I take that as being the upper desirable limit for processor temp.
    Case fans are good, but they will only really make a difference if the temp inside your case is 10°C higher than the outside temp. Your power supply has a fan which should draw the air from inside the computer to outside. Check the jet of air coming out, does it feel real warm? Probably you could use some extra cooling.
    A good powersupply with come with 2 fans and some fan regulation to increase the fan speed at higher temps. Remember, your power supply sits right above your CPU and has a vent in the bottom to draw air in, good powersupplies have 2 fans, one for the intake vent inside the case, and one for the outlet. This can help draw cooler air over your CPU heatsink/fan.
    Check out the <A HREF="" target="_new">Aopen HQ08</A> case. This is good design. On some other cases be careful, don't be fooled by air outlets on the back of the case. If they are lower than your CPU they could just be sucking air in from the front, and straight through out the back, good cooling for your PCI cards yes, but not for the CPU and HD. In the Aopen case the case intake is at the bottom at the front and the outlet is at the top at the back, so air must circulate throughout the whole case cooling your MB, processor and HD.
    Finally, remember, with air cooling, your case cannot be cooler than the ambient air temp. Keep your room below 20°C and your processor will like you for it.
  32. Hay thinks for the info.
  33. Hay uraniborg.
    this might sound strange I already have the Artec cpu cooler 1.5ghz and Gemstone case.
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