How do I combine two recording devices into one?

I want to share screens with my friend on Skype so that he can hear both what is on my computer and what I'm saying on my headset. Basically, I need to record from two audio sources. Is there a 3rd-party program or something that would combine two recording sources into one so that Skype can use that as the audio input?

I know I can have my computer "Listen to" my microphone so that what I say comes through the Stereo Mix device, but then I hear my echo, which I don't want.

Any ideas? I'm on Windows 7.
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  1. Asuming you are not using a usb headset get a little mixer and run all mic's through this then out into the line or mic in on your computer. if you get echo or reverb use the volume and gain settings on your mixer to calm these down...

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