Realtek audio manager won't install

Hey i have had the realtek audio mangers long ago with my old motherboard but i have not gotten it to work with my new better motherboard. I use a Asus m4a77 motherboard it supports 7.1 systems and i use a 5.1 system. i have downloaded realtek drivers all day now but non come with the manager. last time i used the manager was back when i used Windows xp.
I have tried looking in the control panel to find it but it isn't there for me. Where can i find it?
I don't have the red sound icon down by the clock so i can't get into the audio manger and i need to get in there to set up my 5.1 system.

Please help.
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  1. Realtek drivers will not work as it uses a VIA audio chip.

    Choose model and Windows 7 x86 or x64.
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