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I am completely baffled. About four months after I bought my new Dell computer Studio 8800, And several months after installing Windows 7 I noticed that some of my folders in my specific user account were no longer accessible. Also some of the folders in the "all user" folder were also not available.
My folder name for my documents and settings under the main Folder "user" is called trixie. Whenever I click on the trixie folder, it opens up the subfolders of typical variety. When I click on the following subfolders it will give me an error pop-up and not allow me to enter that folder. The error says that it is not accessible. Access is denied. I must click ok before I can choose another. The folders affected are:
Application Date
Local Settings
My Documents
Net Hood
Print Hood
Send To
Start Menu
All other folders will open when clicked upon.
Of note, I also have an HP computer that was purchased the year before this one that I also installed Windows 7 . It does not do this when clicking on folders in the user folder. They have the same programs installed. These are no system folders affected.
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  1. Pipsywiggins,

    As I asked you on your other post -- can you perform a chksdsk to rule out the possibility of a failing hard drive?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. Yes I have run the chksdsk several times since this lock down occurred, although not necessarily for that reason. I didn't realize that was an option, but no, my hard drive is not failing.
    Thank you for responding
  3. Please see my post in your other thread. Oh, and please don't double post. I'll close this thread and continue further discussion if needed in the other thread.
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