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Feh, im really fed up. I have a new computer, got it thursday, ibuypower.com. It was wokring great, untill i installed tribes 2. It crashed, wouldnt even boot, just crashed (went to a black switch screen, then crashes ). So, i called tech support, tried reinstalling winowss, blah blah blah. Ended up getting a new card. The old one was a leadtech ti 500 winfast, the new card is a Aopen geforce 3 ti 500, specs are athlon xp 1900, 512 mb ddr ram, 320 watt power source, creative sound card, azza kt266a ddr 366aav viatech motherboard. One thing that my friedn and i have noticed is that even though the drivers are certified with ms xp, it keeps giving that error dealy that says it isnt, and tells why its important to have cerified blah blavbh with windows xp logo. Also, when i try to install the new drivers from the disk for the aopen, it keeps telling me theres an error with the instaltion, cannot find nvinstnt.dll file. So, i really need help, please respond, please!!!

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  1. Go to <A HREF="http://www.nvidia.com" target="_new">nVidia's website</A>. Download and install the detonator drivers they have available there. That will solve your video card driver issues. If you have further problems, then they lie elsewhere.


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  2. Ive tried those drivers, didnt work...
  3. They definately do work if you download the correct version for your operating system. They will not show up as being 'certified' for Windows XP, but do not worry about this. Noone bothers certifying anything with Microsoft. They actually charge a great deal of money for this pointless certification.


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  4. Well, i just installed the 23.11, and nothing......didnt do nada..........and i tried the earlier ones...........nuthing, both for xp. So, im about to cry!!! jk, but still, im really damn pissed......and this is ...i dunoo, some one suggest sumthin else??
  5. Alright, please tell me exactly what did happen. When you say that 'nothing happened' you make it sound like your computer shut off when you rebooted and will not turn back on. I am assuming this did not actually happen. What did happen, and what were you expecting to happen? Please be specific.


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  6. Alright, well, i installed the 23.11 drivwers, and when thweres no drivers on my comp, things run a bit slow, such as window scroling, and repositoning them etc etc. When i installed the new drivers, any of them, if they work, it stays the same. Ive yet tp try any 3d games, but i fear the worst. Ill tell u what happnes. I appreciate the help though.
  7. Ok, i just tried a 3d game, it dint crahs wow!But it runs at 3fps or so, just about the same as my desktop.
  8. Please check your display settings (under control panel) and tell me what video card it says you have. If your drivers are properly installed it will indicate the correct video card.


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  9. Well, in the device manager, there is no display device! gahd! It dissapeared when i put int hecard apperently?!?!
  10. MMM, i cant install the new hardware at all, it just dienst let me, or it doiesnt effect the system when i try it.
  11. Please tell me you uninstalled the drivers for the old video card before installing the drivers for the new one...

    Try this: Uninstall the new nVidia drivers. Uninstall any video card drivers you see listed in the Add/Remove Programs area under the Control Panel. Change your display adapter to use the standard VGA driver. (If you need help with this one let me know.) Reboot. Install the nVidia drivers that you downloaded. Reboot.


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  12. I did clear all the drivers out of my system. I installed the new drivers for the vid card, then i swapped the cards.
  13. This is the proper procedure for installing a new video card:

    1) Uninstall any drivers that show up in the Add/Remove Programs window.
    2) Set your system to use the VGA driver.
    3) Shutdown your system.
    4) Install the new video card.
    5) Boot up your system.
    6) When Windows XP claims to have found a new device, skip the search for drivers and cancel the 'new hardware wizard'.
    7) Run the nVidia detonator driver installation application and follow its directions.
    8) If the installation application does not make you reboot, then reboot yourself.

    Since it appears you did not follow this procedure, please try the following:
    Follow steps 1 and 2. Go into Control Panel and look at your System settings. There should be a device manager somewhere that gives you a list of the hardware installed on your computer. Delete any display device that is listed. Now reboot. Next follow steps 6 through 8.

    Let me know how it goes.


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  14. Start the pc in safe mode and see if it lists any display adapters, and if there are more than one, remove them all then download the 21.83!! version of the drivers, NOT the 23.11's they have some issues with winxp and via chipsets, the 21.83's do not.

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  15. If all other suggestions don't work, try pulling everything unecessary from your computer. NIC, sound card, CD burner, etc. Anything you don't absolutely need to run a game.

    That will ensure that it's not one of those devices that are causing a problem.

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  16. Gut the machine, get that damn VIA chipset mobo outa there and get yourself a decent mobo with an Ali chipset (Although that's not a luxury some of us have!). Even if you take out the video drivers in XP, when you reboot, XP will automatically put in the standard XP drivers which have no Open GL support, I haven't been able to take out the XP video drivers clean and have as a standard VGA driver. I had similiar trouble with MDK2 which is another Open GL game on my Nvidia GeForce 3 card, 1-3 fsp on the game...and then crashed. I fixed it the first time by installing the 2180 drivers...then I installed the 2311 and its running like a bat out of hell. Also check the speed on your AGP port in the BIOS, try lowering it. Another radical move, other than ripping the mobo out, try uninstalling the Via 4in1 drivers and obtaining an earlier version, install those.
  17. I have basically the same system except I have the msi pro2 mobo and i use the 23.11 video drivers and I have no problems at all....yea make sure you eliminate one card at a time by removing all of the like fatburger said and reboot and see what is causing it.....and if it still crashes then more than likely its either your psu or memory problems....how is your bios set up?....make sure all memory timings are correct etc....sometimes its a mother eliminating your problems but there is always that one little thing that is causing it all and may not always be evident so keep trying......good luck
  18. Did you load your 4-in-1's first?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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