Future Amd chip names

Well, I certainly hope this is a joke:

"It's been revealed that AMD had applied for the following trademarks on 21th of December 2001. I guess these will be the code names for the next generation CPUs, maybe Hammer series...


This from hardwaremania.com. Those have got to be the gayest names I have ever heard. I thought williamette, northwood and Yamhill were gay, but the names listed above are even worse. AMD has a hard enough time marketing chips, wimp names like that dont help.

year 2010: Intel? Whose that?
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  1. Again, as I replied to meltdowns post, companies take out trademark permissions on a ton of names, and it does not mean they will ever use them. It is standard operating procedure.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  2. I sure hope they pick MULTEON, that way I can come out with "<A HREF="http://www.mulletmadness.com/index.html" target="_new">Mulletron: the Cpu with the rad do</A>" trust me it'll be good for all the AMDLoving Canadians that frequent these boards! :)

    oh, and Oregonians too!

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b>...you are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  3. im suprised a preson like u wouldnt like them to take the name MELTRON ;)

    knaffy man!

    The lack of thermal protection on Athlon's is cunning way to stop morons from using AMD. :)
  4. Man, that's a really funny website :lol:

    <font color=orange>Quarter</font color=orange> <font color=blue>Pounder</font color=blue> <font color=orange>Inside</font color=orange>
  5. The only one that strikes me as fine is Multeon but even then you'd think it's Intel's next Xeon!
    What would you guys name the next AMD? I'd love to keep Clawhammer as commercial name! But we are talking codenames not commercial names? So AthlonXP is still gonna be the com?
    As for com, let ClawHammer anyday.

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  6. Interesting question Eden, what would we AMD nuts name future cores/chips?
    Thor - norse god of thunder ( i think) and had a really big hammer. My SB live has the thunder .wav on startup, so it reminds me of him.

    thats all i can come up with. Its 3:00am so im not feeling creative right now. Perhaps a core based on Norse Gods would be cool. But the XP names will likely stay so it really doesnt matter.

    year 2010: Intel? Whose that?
  7. Athlon XP? What about - Hammer .net!
  8. I think Hammer would be a good name for a new AMD CPU, and it will do fine as commercial name in my opinion.
    Don't these names sound good:
    AMD Hammer 3 GHz [or]
    AMD Athlon Hammer 4000+
    Or whatever they come up with.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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