TOSHIBA Setallite L655 missing GPU temp! Possible unconnected wires?

I've just bought a new laptop last Monday.

It's a TOSHIBA Setallite L655-1GL.
It has Core i3 and ATI Radeon 5470 Mobility.

Everest says the mobo is "TOSHIBA Setallite L655" (without the -1gl specific model number),
and that the BOIS type is "Insyde" v1.90.

Now, I only mention this since I cannot find the GPU listed on the BIOS.
Not even merely mentioned anywhere on there.

Everest does list the GPU but it won't recognize a temperature for it.

Could it be that some wires in there just aren't connected?

Could it be a software issue?
If I install the newest driver from ATI's site will Everest show me the temp?
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  1. Get GPU-Z, it will show you your temps, I use it all the time ;)

    Download page:
  2. Ok, so it's like this....

    First tested with Everest.
    Then with GPU-Z.
    And then with AIDA64 (A newer version from the creators of Everest).

    Everest = Only basic info (The "GPU" node is empty).
    GPU-Z = Nothing! ONLY GPU name and RAM Size.
    AIDA64 = All the info about the GPU... its exact bus size and its code name and everything, BUT still no temperature!

    Any ideas?

    - Also, I do not get the mobo temp as well... all I get is the CPU and HDD.
  3. My mistake...... I was using CPU-Z which showed nothing (only the name and RAM size) instead of GPU-Z.

    GPU-Z finally got everything including the temperature!

    Thnak you!
  4. On a slightly different subject...

    What would you say about 63 C on Idle!?!?
  5. That is a bit warm. But it isn't too hot for a laptop.
    You want to make sure you stick a straightened paperclicp into the fan grill (to hold the fan in place) every couple of months after doing a total power down, and uplug the A/C Adapter, then shoot the vents (where you stuck the paper clip) with can of compressed air
  6. I see, cleaning/blowing the dust from the inside....

    This is a brand new comp, but my room is a little hot.. it's summer here in Israel.

    Well, thanks for the info, you've been very helpful!
  7. I'm glad I was able to help! :)
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