Why will my computer not factory reset?

My Acer aspire 5733 will not stop crashing. I have tried many things and handed my computer over to professionals and amateurs alike to figure out why my computer will not stop crashing. I backed up all of my data with an external hard drive, created some windows 7 back up discs from the hard drive, and followed these steps below to factory reset my computer and it went through the process of reseting the computer and it turns back on and nothing has happened. I have tried this several times with no results of a factory reset. WHY will it not work? Any suggestions?

Use “Start” menu and choose Programs
Click “Acer Recovery Management” and click the “Restore” button on the bottom of the dialog box that opens.
Click “Restore System to Factory Default” and click “Yes” in the warning dialog box which asks if you wish to continue the recovery process.
Click “Start” to restore the computer to the default factory settings.
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  1. try restoring from the recovery partition

    turn on and press alt + f10
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