Change the OS and HDD of a laptop

I want to change the HDD of my new laptop into a larger HDD, it is Toshiba satellite model C850-b-637. and to change the OS into Windows 7
it dos not boot except from it own original HDD.
I tried to boot it from DVD and from USB flash but I could not do it
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  1. Go into BIOS and check your boot order.

    You may not be able to boot because the HDD is listed as the 1st boot priority.
  2. Based on your post here it sounds like you have already purchased another HDD, inserted it and cannot install Windows 7 to it? If that is correct then my suggestion would be to jump into your BIOS settings (hit F2 or Del for most computers). Change your boot order, to put DVD and/or USB as a higher priority.
  3. I changed the priorities in the bios, and it dos not help, I even made the new hard disk bootable to boot from it, but it did not help
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