How due you change from ESATA to a SATA setup without reloading Window

I was running a External Hard Drive threw my ESATA port but I decided to move my External hard drive to the inside of the case. So when I setup Windows 7 x64 it was installed as an ESATA in my bios but I want to move it back to a SATA setup but I don't want to reload my OS to due so. I know there is way to due it threw the regedit command threw the run menu but I don't know much more then that. So if yall can help me please respond to this post. Thanks.
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    Any registry edits / hacks to alter how Windows 7 was originally installed will only result in poor performance. A clean install will be best.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. have you tried to load from it? depending on the controller card in the external hdd it may have just been a sata pass through card (eSata and sata use the same protocol, just eSata has a redesigned connector for external devices)
  3. So long as Windows 7 has a driver for the internal SATA controller, you shouldn't have to do anything. Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 are pretty forgiving / capable when it comes to moving boot volumes between different hard drive controllers (regardless of whether the controllers are in the same physical computer or not).
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