How to Clean Install Windows 7

hi guys, i would like to know how would i clean install my windows 7, i have the disk, but when i put it in the slot and restart nothing happens, please help
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  1. To boot from a CD or DVD, you need to go into BIOS Setup and set the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device - - then "Save to CMOS and Exit" (F10).

    When Windows 7 Setup starts, use the keys as indicated to format the partition containing the existing Windows installation, then install Windows on that same partition.
  2. Newer MB, may not have to go into Bios to change Boot order. Most newer MBs allow for Hitting a "Hot" key during post that brings up a boot menu.
    My Gigabyte MB it is F12, and On my Asrock MB it is F11.
    Note: this does NOT affect what is set by BIOS Boot priority. Works great for Installing windows over a HDD that has an OS already on it, as you can select the DVD drive to boot from, then when the system re-boots it will automaticly select the HDD - UNLESS you again hit the F12 or F11 during Post.

    Think Asus might also be F11 and for other Brands, just check the manual.
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