Which CPU?

I'm going to build a computer for the first time, it will be used for scanning 35mm negs w/kodak coolscan and then editing in photoshop and paintshop pro, also use quicken, word, database.

Looking at Athlon XP 1800, Thunderbird 1800, or PIII. Any suggestions would help, plus a match up for motherboard.

Thanks, Bob
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  1. There is no thunderbird1800.

    You should get an axp 1600 and an nforce motherboard, since you arent a gamer an nforce comes with great sound, good video and a network card, it saves considerable money over buying a seperate sound and video and nic card in addition to a motherboard.

    The video dosent suck, but it wont be playing games at 1600x1200, but I dont think you are looking for a gaming rig.

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  2. A P3 would likely not go half the speed the AXP 1800 would give you, and forget any P4s for such rendering, the Athlons are known for these. So yes an XP 1800 would be perfect and like Mat said, the Nforce is not bad for people who won't go playing too much games, and it has a very stable chipset curtesy of Nvidia!
    Get Windows XP with it for optimal use of your multimedia rendering and full stability.

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  3. XP is much better than PIII
    1600+ or 1700+ is better on price/performance ratio. If you have lots of cash, you may get the 1800+
  4. And the P3 is almost at his end, but the Socket A (for the Athlon) will last much longer.

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