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Is virtualization for me?

The unabomber in me gets irritated with all my apps (even print & video drivers as well as windoze) trying to "phone home" on the web for unknown amounts of fiddling with my system build or spying and reporting my activities to our corporate overlords.

I have been setting up a new system build (Win7x64, lga 2011 i7 3930 six core, 32gb ram, Samsung 830 256GB ssd, gtx660ti). Previously, I have been accustomed to blocking all processes (including windoze) from internet access besides my browsers and plug-ins, behind a firewall. This has worked splendidly with past builds, but seems to cause problems under the newer SW versions I want to run.

I have tried blocking said apps behind a firewall (Comodo), which is what I always used to do , but this seems to cause untold problems with stability. This seems especially true with the cs6 apps. They hum along just fine when I don't hook my cptr to the net, but start "phoning home" as soon as they see an internet connection. If I block them with my firewall they start having boot and stability problems. Also, my nVidia driver process bloats to 180mb when blocked. There simply seems to less and less ways with to configure apps to not seek out the mother-ship when you have a live connection. Scvhost.exe is another egregious offender, but it seems as though win7x64 will not allow any internet connections until svchost gets a hall pass.

My build works like a rocket-ship and is problem free with no internet connection.

What I am hoping to do is set up my bare bones OS build any then virtualize it. Then I would disable my ethernet driver in the base OS and install cs6 and my other core graphics apps. The virtualized OS would then be used for web access, but would not have any of my graphics or other critical apps. Only office 2013 and browsers with plug-ins.

Finally, I would like to virtualize the entire setup for when I want to test or experiment with other apps configurations and SW.

Could I use vmWare or other sw to virtualize my OS in this manner? My current buld with all apps takes 90gb. How much extra space will I need for the virtaulized OS's. Can a virtual OS be run inside a window? Could I switch back forth easily like with alt tab switching? Can you have different hardware settings in each OS? Are there other softwares besides vmWare player that would be better for this? Am I tilting at windmills?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. You can run Microsoft's Hyper-V base installation, then install Windows 7 as a virtual machine. Install any number of OSes as VMs. Hyper-V itself is free.

    I use Hyper-V with Server 2012, and a virtual copy of Windows 7 on my home server. Unfortunately I can't speak to VMWare, I've used it a few times in the past on workstations but nothing serious.
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