Msg command - "Error 1825 getting session names"

I'm trying to send a message to another computer over network by using msg command. Both computers are using Win 7 Ultimate. I can send messages to myself just fine, but I get "Error 1825 getting session names" when I try to send a message to that (or any other) computer. I'm using this form of command:

MSG /SERVER:servername username "message"

I've read on some sites that msg command works fine - after some minor tweeking within the OS itself, and on other sites that it doesn't work properly at all. The thing is that I can't find anyone that was getting the same error number as me - 1825.
Does msg.exe works or not? What could be the source of this error - sender or receiver, or both?

Thanks in advance
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  1. getting session name error suggests a network problem. are you sure the nessecary firewall rules are present? I wouldn't be surprised if by default the message feature is blocked. Back when isp's were stupid and customers could access other customers systems, net send messages were all the rage. Perhaps microsoft's become smarter.
    Try disabling the firewall and try again. Also check that remote registry is not turned off. That is used for many a useful thing remotely.
  2. Thanks for help!

    I started every service that could have something to do with this issue, including remote registry, turned off firewall and also set value of AllowRemoteRPC key to 1 - this is solution to "Error 5 getting session names". Then tried to msg the computer from another one (did the remote registry, registry edit and firewall thing to both computers). It still gives me error 1825.

    I'm using tomato firmware for router. Do you know any possible settings I should pay attention to?
  3. Error number 1825 means "An error specific security package has occurred." After a bit of searching I came across something about open WMI ports. I fixed WMI port and port-forwarded it, but I'm still getting the same error.

    Any ideas what "An error specific security package has occurred." translates to?
  4. Just to inform... I had the same issue and I solved it by setting the same accounts with the same passwords on every Windows 7 PC... It also solved my problems and with sharing of drives and folders at the same time...

    Hope this info will help to someone... I didn't know till I discovered this problem... M.R.
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