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HP dv5215us hard drive crash - what to replace with?

Greeting all - My HP laptop of many years recently had the hard drive go bad, giving me the 4 clicks of doom when the machine boots up and nothing else. The bios does not show a hard drive at all. I've removed the hard drive, and re-seated it with no luck. My guess is that it is time to buy a new hard drive and pull out the recovery disks. I downloaded the support documentation, and it shows that this machine had configurations of 60-120 GB hard drives (mine was 80 GB) - all ATA-5. My question is simply this -

Can i simply go out and buy any ATA-5 (ATA100) laptop hard drive and the bios will detect it and go with it?

I built and upgraded many desktops, and that works fine there - just not as familiar with laptop hardware.

Any opinions / suggestions welcome - TIA - Ken
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  1. It "should" recognize it. I don't think you can just go to a store and get one of those, they're old. Your best bet is to order online for a dependable e-store.

    Overall, I wouldn't spend the money on a new hard drive, that computer is old... not competent of running well with today's technology. It's really up to you and your needs though...
  2. I agree totally - I was not going to spend much to get this machine working again. I was looking at this drive from newegg -

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint M5 HM160HC 160GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" ATA Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive

    Since everything else on the laptop is good, the total cost of $55 to get this laptop running again with XP seems like it would be worth the repair.

    Make sense??
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    Yes it does. It will work good for awhile, but soon enough, you'll have to upgrade to a new system...

    That is a good hard drive, slow, and small (capacity)... But it will do the job.

    I hope you get that laptop up and working again!

    I'd stick to Windows XP, don't upgrade to Win7 on that laptop.
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