How do i take a picture with my webcam

How do i take a picture with my webcam on my toshiba laptop??
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  1. What is your laptop model?

    Go to
    and enter all the details for your laptop model, after that, download the webcam utility.

    If you already have the webcam utility, click start, programs, toshiba (anything that looks meaty) then click on the program that is labeled as a web cam software, you may have a cyberlink software installed.. check for cyberlink in programs too.

    I can't give you a detailed desciption without knowing the model of your Toshiba laptop.
  2. Too complicated. Simpler to run Cheese from within Linux (Live CD then install cheese, that's it). ^^ It is too bad that people are not using Linux enough these days :-) Oh well...
  3. I use Ubuntu >_>
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