Asus G74SX number pad "problems"?

I just received my brand new Asus G74SX gaming notebook last Friday. I was really satisfied with the looks and the build quality of the machine. When starting up you really notice the speed. Fist off I installed the game WoW (World of Warcraft) which is my primary reason for buying this machine.

The game looked great and the response was good and everything was fine until I tried flying. If you are a regular gamer you know that key bindings are very important. In my WoW settings I have bound the “zero” key on the number pad to “jump / fly up”.
But when I hit the “zero” button on the number pad I just registers as a normal “zero” and not as “zero” on the number pad.

This is a huge problem for me, if this is working as intended you would lose 4 to 6 good buttons for key bindings on the number pad. Sins this is a gaming machine I hope I am doing something wrong, or else I will return the PC to the seller, which is sad as this is a realy fine machine. But this is as I said after all a gaming "rig", but if the number pad is just a replica of the normal keys it will not go down very well with a lot of players.

Anybody with any experience ragarding this "problem"?

One schould note that there are no "numlock" on this model. Where the numlock button usualy are there is a button that opens the calculator of all things. It might be useful for gamers who needs a quick calculation midgame??? :-)
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  1. Click Start > Type: Change Keyboards or other input Methods
    Click it, then click Change Keyboards.
    If you see multiple keyboard sets displayed in the next window, delete everyone except for the one you want to use, such as English (US).
    Click Apply, Okay, then restart the computer and see if that fixed the problem.
    If it didn't... I might be able to try something else ...
  2. hpfreak said:
    ....., then restart the computer and see if that fixed the problem.

    There is only one setting "norwegian".

    I have tried to connect a USB keyboard and that numberpad works just fine, but the pad on the Asus doesent.
    Pressing the numlock on the usb keyboard does nothing on the Asus.
    It seams Asus have just replicated the 1 through 0 keys.

    If you look at page 43 in the manual it says: "Extended Keyboard (on selected models)
    An extended keyboard is available on selected models. The extended keyboard has a dedicated numeric keypad for easy number entry. Use [Num Lk / Scr Lk] to toggle between using the extended keypad as numbers or as pointer directions."

    The picture on the page is not what you get on your computer. I tried several combinations with the "FN" button to no succsess. And there is no "numlock" button as I allready said.
    Clearly they have made some changes to the production model after the manual was maed, I just cant figure out WHY? A calculator button????

    I have sent an support ticket to Asus and have gotten sort of an answer they said: “Thank you for your feedback, unfortunatly we don't have any solution for your issue.”
    I replied that thy must be able to tell me if the number pad is working as intended by the designers.
  3. Hmm... Try Remapping the Keyboard, there are a lot of programs like Sharp keys that you can use to change the function of a key. It may be the solution.. you may able to also change the function of the Calculator key.
  4. With all the testing and research I now have done it all unfortunately leads to the fact that the number pad is a replica of the normal 1 to 0 keys.
    So I am not sure if a program will help me. Also sins this is not the cheapest of PC’es I do not want to use a third party program to force it to work.

    I think Asus messed up badly somewhere on the way to production.
    Note that this is only a problem if you bind special keys to the number pad that is different from your 1 to 0 keys
    Real sad because it really is a "kick ¤%# " PC in every other aspect. Looks great, silent and cool.
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