Msi GT683 or Sager 8130-Which to get?

With how I want both laptop they run 1600$ when completed. Both laptops have almost the same specs. I will explane why I dont know which one to get yet.

14gb ram 1333
dual 500gb hdds raid 0
gtx 560m

8gb ram
gtx 560m
single 650gb hard drive

I like the look of the MSI alot better then the plain sager, but the msi only has one fan that cools both the cpu and the gpu, the sage has seperate fans for cpu and gpu, The msi has a button the the top of the laptop that you can push to max the fan out no matter what I really like this funcation it would be very usefull since i am touchy about temps.

Both of the computers have close to the same specs and should preform the same. I prefer MSI warrenty over sager i hear sager kinda sucks with customers but Xotic pc is good about it and will fix the issues.

I have also been told that the Sagers case is alot better built but its so dang plain :sleep: But the msi case is lighted up and i love the design :wahoo:

Here is a link to both at stock config so you can see what they look like.



These are the choices I do not want a asus g53-73 I've had both and IMO there complete TRASH :non:

Please give me some input on this matter and tell me what you think. From, what I see on the web there are alot more reviews of the sager, but all the review i read on the msi said it was top nouch and preforms very well and the speakers are amazing.
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  1. Well... Sager will last longer, but the MSI has a few advantages...

    Just remember, when your buying a laptop, your making an investement in a machine to last, not specs.

    If you want this machine for as long as it will last, then go with the Sager, if you like flashy colors and functionality in the short run, go with the MSI laptop.

    I own a G73, it's a good machine. Only complaint is the Thermal Compound, and the design flaw for using compressed air... but other then that, it's all good :)
  2. My dad just told me the sager on a built well stand point looks about 190% better then the msi, I need it to last so I will be going with the sager and a upgraded i7
  3. Okay great, happy gaming!
  4. The issue i have with sager is i hear there rma service is horrible.
  5. I haven't heard of any one with a bad experience with Sager, every company has a bad service, hp... they don't fix it, they just run diagnostics and stick tape to the laptop, dell, similar... msi, they make you pay for every tweak, asus, there are some stories that people haven't got there laptop from RMAs from months at a time...

    Every company has a flaw in the support..
  6. Quick question is there any reason i need more then 8gb of ram in this lol!
  7. NOOOO xD 6 is plenty, 8 is overkill, and anything more then that is just a waste of money...
  8. Is there a huge difference in gaming between the 2630qm and the 2720qm
  9. In gaming performance, not really. Eitherway, I'd get the IC Diamond Thermal Compound, stock is garbage, get the real deal that is going to keep the system running cooler.
    Also, the Sound card would be worth upgrading... You probably won't notice too much between the 2 different upgrades, choose whatever you think is fit.

    Also, getting the next step warranty... It's a good thing to have just incase you do need to get it RMA'd, parts can get pretty expensive...

    I guess because you plan to keep this laptop for a long time, it would be benificial to have a faster processor, but your not going to gain much, and the main way to keep a laptop running fast is to take good care of it, run cleaners like ccleaner every once in awhile, and defrag from time to time (don't defrag if you are getting an SSD).

  10. Quick question lol, Xotic pcs sagers that they sell ship right from sager if i pay the 40$ for the upgraded TIM how do i know they actually put it on.
  11. That is a good question.. I don't know how I can answer that, but it's like saying, how do I really know that this is coffee from brazil that I'm drinking?

    For one, the laptop temperatures will be cooler, but since you have no control data, I guess you don't know......

    I'd trust that they wouldn't rip you off, you can go without it, and upgrade the TIM whenever the stock thermal compound has already dried out...

    Sorry for the slow reply :) I was replying to other threads >_>
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