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My brother got an XP1600+ for christmas with an abit ka7 board. It's been working fine, the onboard thermal diode, which i made sure was touching the bottom of the processor never got much above about 52C and it was constantly running the client keeping it under full load. The BIOS was set to alarm at 57C, which it never did.

This week the system was turned on and failed to post, after looking around, we concluded either m/b cpu or ram at fault and took the board and processor back to the shop. They tested them and it was the cpu, but, there was a sticker on the underside of the cpu, which they said had changed colour indicating it had overheated. All they said they'll do is send it back to AMD for £8, and it's unlikely they'll exchange it anyway cos it's overheated.

I'd like to know if AMD place these stickers on the processors, as thats what the shop claims but I have my doubts about, and what is a good operating temp for these cpus? I don't think 50C is too unreasonable for it to be running at...
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  1. You got fed a load of bullshit, probably to get your money, there is no heat sensitive sticker, they will probably keep it 2 weeks, reconnect the lose wire and charge you all kinds of fees for their "work" tell them to bite you and demand the truth.

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  2. I'd have to agree with matisaro....if you ever seen the underneath of an Athlon XP Processor there is absolutley no place to put a Sticker anyways......I know, I have an Athlon XP 1600+........What a load of crap is all I have to say..........take the computer back, get a different place to look at it seeing how it looks as if you and your brother are not very Technically Inclined.....ask them and see what this other place says.......

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  3. I put the thing together, we only got the board and processor from them and there is a sticker underneath, only a small thing in the centre, but like I say, I reckon they put it there and it ain't heat sensitive... what sort of temps does your processor get?
  4. it is not the processor...
    the athlon can post and work for about a minute at 90c before it tosts - unless you turn the computer on without the heatsink it would post (even if the fan sudanly stop an athlon would run for about a minute depending on the heatsink).

    the CPU is not dead anyhow...
  5. If I recall correctly the Athlon XPs are rated to go upto the 80's before they will fry although I dont suggest anything that high! If there is a sticker ont he bottom it is 100% put there by the shop to track the chip. They are trying to rip you off. I would demand they replace the chip if its OEM. If it is retail AMD would directly replace it. If your purchase is on a credit card you could take the board and chip back to the retailer and then call your card company and explain they wont fix the problem and ask them to charge it back to the shop......

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  6. the sticker is most likely a "Void If Removed" type sticker read your recipt read the terms, if your AXP self immolated then the sticker will be scorched. it fits with what the retailer says, he'll charge you just to send it back to the distro and distro sends it back to AMD with love.

    AMD and retailers are not too happy about this type of stuff that's why they tried to lock the AXP.

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  8. That's interesting......I'd return the Board and chip, and take your buisness somehwere else......

    As far as my Athlon XP 1600+ idles at 37 Degrees Celcious and MAX Load is 42 Degrees Celcious with a Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu.+, an exhaust and intake fan.

    Well anyways, take care, and hope you have better luck.

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  9. I am 101% sure that the shop placed the sticker, they are fooling you. The CPU wont burn at a temp of 50-60 C only if it gets above 80 C I would start worrying for burning the chip.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  10. So - if this sticker was there when you installed the cpu, was it where the thermal probe (not diode) would touch the CPU? Could your temerature readings have been too low because there was a sicker in the way etc.?

    Anyway, 50-60 degrees is not going to kill an XP. Forget what Melty babbles about - I think he's got rabies from being bitten by too many mongrels or something.

    Overall it sounds like the shop is trying to rip you off, I'd really call their bluff on it and tell them you want all the kit back to take to another shop for a 2nd opinion.

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  11. Ask your retailer to view this thread online and see his face. Especially this bit.......

    ***** Your full of [-peep-] retailer! *****

    Now ask him for a second opinion.

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  12. LoL

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  13. <i>..."All they said they'll do is send it back to AMD for £8, and it's unlikely they'll exchange it anyway cos it's overheated..."</i>

    Bull<b>SPIT </b> and Camel<b>SLOBBER.</b>

    Obviously, you're dealing with a bunch of sheisters.

    As with AMD not returning overheated CPU's, all I can relate on that front is they promptly Fedex'd me a replacement XP1900+ and stock fan in 2 weeks time directly from San Jose -- during *Christmas* week. When I opened the box and inspected the CPU, I noticed a sticker underneath covering the diodes, in which I pulled off. The replacement AXP has worked like a charm ever since -- including the fan in which the original proved to be defective. Nevertheless, I'm sticking to my ever reliable MC462 Swifty, voided warranty or not just to be on the safe side. :-)

    Yeah, I would at the very LEAST obtain a second opinion if possible. Otherwise, they are trying to make a complete fool out of you in the process.

    Good Luck.

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