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installed new remanufactured ink cartridges and printer won't recognize them. Shows one as empty, though it is full and another as counterfeit. Can these messages be bypassed? Please help.
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  1. HP Printer cartridges have sensors that track how much ink has been used... note that it's not a sensor that detects the current ink level. It simply knows that it started with X amount of ink and it's spat out X amount of ink. When you put more ink in, it doesn't have a way to track that. I'll refer you to Google to get details and info about how to reset/bypass them... but the long and the short of it is that the cartridge doesn't know it's been refilled and is telling the software on your computer it's empty.
  2. Usually when ink cartridges are re-manufactured, they put new chips in the cartridges so it shouldn't be a problem. Contact the seller and tell them about it.
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