Replacing Thermal Compound...Maybe?

Hey guys. I have had a SAGER NP8662 for about 2 years now. Lately it seems the CPU has been getting very hot, very fast. I am not positive what a "healthy" CPU temperature is but I have used Core Temp and Real Temp which both give the same readings, and, my CPU idles at 38-42C and under load I have seen it as high as 75C... which seems extremely hot to me. My CPU is Intel(R) Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz. I have cleaned out my heat sink and fan(without taking them off). The fan was fairly clean but the heat sink did have a small bit of dust clumps inside. After doing this the temperature problem still persists. I use my laptop on a flat wooden desk and have paper folded underneath the back to give it more lift and more airflow underneath the laptop. I am not the best with computers and was wondering if there was anything else I could do. Do I need to replace the thermal compound for the CPU and GPU? I am a bit apprehensive about doing this, even though I have watched videos and it seems fairly straight forward. I am also not 100% sure where exactly my GPU is (Yes I am a noob, laugh it up :P). If any of you have suggestions or advice they would be DEEPLY appreciated.

God Bless.
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  1. Replace the CPU thermal paste and see if it helps.
    Also what were your idle/load temps before ?
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    New thermal compound can make a lot of difference.
    I suggest looking at some nice artic silver. They are excellent thermal compounds.
    Any compound will do but better to be safe than sorry :)

    Also try and check for dustbunnies, airflow is important.
  3. About 28-33 / 53-56 - idle / load temps, Maziar
  4. Could also be the fan failing. Since you have it apart to replace the thermal componend I would also replace the fan. Llow cost, and would rule out both at the same time.
  5. How much does a fan cost?
  6. Need to google around.
    They really should only be about $10-> $15. Hard to find, spent about 10 Min looking.
    found some for a Toshibia laptop - about 30- 40 Bucks, they have got to be kidding!!
  7. Ok I replaced the Thermal Compound on the GPU and CPU with arctic Ceramique. Is this the right compound to use? The compound on the CPU looked as if a portion was missing (kinda smeared looking) in the middle. The GPU looked all dried out and chunks were missing. It looked pretty bad. Now instead of idling at 39-42 it is idling around 29-30... seems to have helped a great deal :) Haven't yet tried it under load.
  8. Yes that coumpond is great. Did you also redo the gpu?
  9. Yes I redid them both .. the gpu was the worst of the two. Could I have used Arctic Silver 5 ? I have tried it under load and I have only seen it get as high as 58C so far which is a nice improvement
  10. I think the Ceramique is slightly better than the Silver (But the Artic silver is the most recommend one).
  11. Hmmm.. but the arctic silver 5 has metal in it and the ceramique none... does this make a difference in the performance of the compound?

    Edit: played under load for 5 hours straight and it did not go past 58... after one hour of the same before it would have been in the 70s :)
  12. Dated, But:
    .........................................Idle ...........Load
    Arctic Silver Ceramique ...... 25.5C ...... 37.5C
    Thermalright Generic ......... 24.5C ...... 38.5C
    Arctic Silver 5 ....................25C .......... 39C
    Shin-Etsu Micosi ................ 25C ......... 39C
    Arctic Alumina ................... 26.5C ....... 41.5C
    Nanotherm Silver Xtc .........26C .......... 43C

    Not much diff in Performance. Had heard 5 for CPU, Ceramique for everything else. I think that after say a year the Ceramique is more permanant and harder to remove than 5.

    Yes silver is a great conductor, but in thermo compund such as artic silver 5 it is VERY smal partiticales and they are "coated" to prevent electrical conductivity. Note the last one on the list also contains silver.
  13. Artic silver has been shown in tests to be less effective than the default manufacturer paste. I suggest MX-4 or IC diamond 24 carrat

    Post Script:
    Intel recommends temps below 95C
    General "Healthy" temps are below 80C
  14. Thank you Chaorce :D How do I tell what fan I need without opening my computer up?
  15. Hmmm.... usually laptop vendors only make one version of a fan for each case/motherboard. Your best bet is to contact tech support (I always wanted to be devil's advocate), I already submitted a query for you, I'll post up when they reply!

    Here is the transcript from tech support
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your email.

    All accessories directlyfrom manufacture and it is the only fan for NP8662. We don’t know detail of the fan itself.

    We do carry the Fan forNP8662 and it cost $35 + shipping.

    BTW, can I have yourlaptop serial no# which like this “8XXXSCXXXXXX” on the bottom of your machine?


    Sager computer

    18005 Cortney Ct

    City of Industry, CA 91748

    Now, just send your own tech support email to with your model # and request an order for the fan
  16. Hmmm Ty
  17. So did you contact them ?
  18. Not yet still continuing my 4 day research for the best laptop cooler... :P

    Forum Laptops & Notebooks : General Discussion - Need help picking a laptop cooler
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