BEST OS for Acer AO522-BZ465 Netbook?

I am going to purchase a Acer AO522-BZ465 netbook. I know it has Windows 7 Starter on it, but I was thinking of either upgrading to full Windows 7 or going with XP Pro. What does anybody recommend? I am upgrading the RAM to 2GB for sure!
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  1. What I did instead was to purchase the Acer Aspire One AO722-BZ848 model instead at newegg as it already had Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on it and it already came with 4GB RAM and a larger 500GB Hard drive.
    A. it already came with 64 bit Home Premium Windows 7 (ideal and has Windows Media Center cool !)
    B. no need to add further RAM since it already had 4 GB (64 bit windows can use all of it)
    C. Larger Hard Drive (double the model that you mentioned
    D: no need for immediate user modifications
    E. Only cost $70 more at newegg worth it considering the much much better version of windows 7,the beefier RAM and bigger hard drive.

    Don't bother with XP Pro seriously it's an antique OS about to lose security updates in just a couple of years and much less secure than Windows 7.

    I like the 64 bit versions of Windows 7 the best either Home Premium,Professional or Ultimate (only on a beefy new custom built desktop).On a netbook I would say that Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit or Windows 7 Professional 64 bit would be best if you upped the RAM ideally to 4 GB.
    Many Atom based netbooks are truly crippled running Windows XP

    Reconsider the model that you selected because the one that I chose won't have to be modified right away (although I did purchase some extra accessories to it like a laptop/netbook carrying case (for protection),a wireless Logitech M305 mouse with RF USB Dongle and a Hauppage PCTV HD USB stick).
  2. :) Hello

    Pl tel me the type of OS compatibility for Aspire AO-522 series netbook.?

    Recently i installed Ubuntu latest series OS.After installation,Nothing works,i cant able to operate the computer.When i am trying to login,it goes into hang state.

    My doubt is Can ubuntu OS is compatiable with Acer AO-522 machine hardware?
  3. I purchased an AO522 last year. Installed Ubuntu 11.04 32bit, and WinXP 32bit (will buy Win7 one day, but not today). Most things didn't worked well at first with Ubu11.04 (crashing on login wireless problem - solution#1 - Go to boot order in BIOS set the [Network Boot : Atheros Boot Agent] to boot before the [HDD0 : whatever hard drive you have] in the list. -solution#2- Turn off wireless before login Fn+F3, can do when you see the Ubu logo.) I had pretty much everything working in Ubu (with the exception of maybe the mic). So it does work with a bit of tinkering (but I thought thats why I like linux, when you do manage to fix the problem).

    Surprisingly WinXP was just a annoying to setup as there is no driver support for XP from acer. So I had to dig around the old internet, and I found this site with drivers that worked:

    Hope this helps someone.

    I now have 4Gb in this thing and Ubu64, and am very happy about it.

    i googled (not giggled) all windows XP 32bit and 64bit drivers... check it out

    U r welcome :P
  5. rang6300 said:

    i googled (not giggled) all windows XP 32bit and 64bit drivers... check it out

    U r welcome :P

    Appreciate this. But what about the web cam? Cheers.
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