$2000 laptop for school and games?

I was wanting to get a laptop for school and for games please comment

1080p screen
Good video card
Does not need long battery life
fast CPU
Possible solid state (if it makes a difference for gaming)
No more than 80g needed I have a 2t external harddrive
VGA port for tv
Warrentry if anything happens to it at least 2 years

I've been looking at the dell XPS 15z it looks good to me for about $2k (with solid) is it worth it?
Do solid states for laptops do any better for games than hdd?

Please answer thank you.
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  1. SSDs only reduce the load times in games,they have no effect on FPS;however,with SSDs,your system feels snappier overall
    AW M17x R3/Sager NP8170/ASUS G74 all meet your requirements
  2. Is it really necessary to have a gaming laptop?
    I would suggest buying a laptop for 800 USD and build a nice computer for gaming.
    Much friendlier for your wallet ;)
  3. And what if you need a "portable" gaming computer ?
    Of course buying a gaming desktop is cheaper but some people need portability/have small space
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