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Hey all,
I want some info on laptop graphics in term of their reliability. Dell's new Inspiron N5110 offers Nvidia's GT525M discrete graphics, as charming as it seems, I want some opinions/experiences of dedicated laptop graphics in terms of their reliability, I don't want to spend money on a machine that can potentially fail due to bad graphics chip manufacture thingy (Dell D630 Nvidia Quadro series failure, nvidia Geforce 8 series desktop failure the whole G92/G94 substrate fiasco).
Is the intel HD graphics (IGP in Sandy Bridge) any good for gaming??? I know this much Nvidia GT 525M can handle gaming but any opinions about hardware failure or advice? I live in a country from where I cannot RMA (too expensive) and I have some doubt about warranty issues (Almost every major company has the policy of dumping their poor quality products in third world countries :(. )
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  1. The only thing I can tell you is that the Intel HD 3000 core is slightly faster than the desktop version of the Radeon Hd 5450. Good enough to play games at low settings. I would say it is 100% faster than their GMA 4500MHD video core.

    If you choose a laptop with a slower Intel CPU with the slower Intel HD 2000 graphics core, then naturally it will be slower. I would say it's probably around 50% faster than the GMA 4500MHD video core.
  2. Nvidia is (in my opinion) one of the highest quality GFX providers. So try for nvidia if it doesn't cost too much. intel is primarily a CPU vendor, so their graphics are mostly power saving, not performance...
  3. Hey simple googling works wonder! Put in "[name of gpu] notebookcheck" and then it will put up their review, benchmark, and comparison chart to other gpu :)
    Example: "525m notebookcheck"
  4. I like how Chaorace came in and talked about how great Nvidia cards are, when the OP listed 3 separate issues with discrete GPUs and they were all Nvidia.

    OP, if you want to game, you don't really have a choice. You HAVE to get a GPU. Sure the ones currently in CPUs (or APUs if you ask AMD.) are getting better, but they still aren't there yet. They are fine for every day tasks, but you wouldn't want to play Crysis on one.
  5. Relax,
    I had multiple safe words in my post (eg.: Opinion, One of, Try, Primarily). I am aware that Nvidia products can come with flaws (very often with some of the older GPU's). But, they support your product until the end of it's life with driver updates and fixes.
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