Heat Sink Fan?

I have a Volcanoe 6cu+ for my XP 1900 and that thing is just plain loud... are all fans this loud for the higher cpus? If anyone knows of a quiet heatsink fan that can support a xp 1900 (1.6) it would be greatly apprecaited.
thanks Chris
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  1. If you don't overclock, the volcano 7 with adjustable fan is good (about $30). I use the thermalright sk6 ($25 for heatsink only at coolerexpress.com) with a volcano 5 fan. You can get an adjustable 60mm fan for your volcano 6 that will work fine for $10-15. Panflo, sunon, etc. are good fans.
  2. You can always get a high quality heatsink and put a quiet fan on it (or use a rheostat to slow the fan down).
    I'm using a Swiftech MCX462 heatsink with an ultra-quiet 2000RPM fan. It might run a bit warm with a 1900+ (I have a 1600+) but you probably don't need one as quiet as that.

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  3. Most of the 7000 rpm fans make much noise, if you choose a good fan of about 4000 rpm it will be much more quiet.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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