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Hello, I just purchased a VAIO laptop S series, I dont like windows 8. So I decided to pull the original HDD out and use my own SSD and install windows 7. I set the boot sequence to external boot, internal optical drive and internal hard disk already under windows 8. After I change to the SSD, laptop doesnt load the windows7 from my USB and screen always showed no OS installed, I cant access to the BIOS either... I think I should change some BIOS setting, need your guys help on this. thanks a million.
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  1. You should have first checked what drivers are available for that Vaio model on Sony's website. If they only have Windows 8 drivers, you cannot run Windows 7 on it anyway.

    If you are wanting to install Windows from a USB drive, you need to go into the BIOS Setup and set USB as the first boot device. If you cannot get into BIOS Setup, you are probably not pressing the correct key when the Sony or Vaio splash-screen appears.
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