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Hey every one, I need to build a system for serious video editing. I have already picked out the SCSI subsystem and external hardware. I need advise with CPU/RAM/Mobo. My budget is around $1500 for the above. Also I am only interested in intel platform. If some one has knowledge of some change down the road I am willing to wait a month or two. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am knowledge enough to build my own system and had been out of touch for a few months. If overclocking is a possibility them please also mention overclocking gears required.
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  1. Right,

    One of the misconceptions around video editing.

    Misconception - SCSI is not required. The highest sustained data rates you'll have that are time critical are approx 3.7MB/s, which is the rate to capture raw DV avi on 1394 firewire.

    Pretty much any recent hdd can do that.

    much more critical is a large and defragmented hdd.

    I'd strongly recommend a pair of decent 7200rpm high capacity disks in a RAID0 configuration, either with an onboard mobo raid controller, add in $80 IDE Raid card (promise etc.) or by using software striping on Win2K/XP.

    As a clue, 1 hour of raw DV AVI is approx. 12GB.

    Right, what tools and output are you doing? If you are capturing video with a capture card, then it will most likley encode in hardware to MPEG format. From a DV camera you can do raw or MPEG capture depending on your hardware.

    At some stage you are likely to need to do a big transcode (changing from 1 format to another) even if it is just final output to S-VCD, VCD, MPEG-2 DVD, DIV-X or whatever. Unless you are spending $$$ on hardware cards, then you need CPU cycles. A dual processor system (if your software is multi-threaded, and most of it is) is recommended, but not mandatory, and cpus with SSE/SSE2 instruction sets will usually be optimised heavily.

    Depending on your budget, at $1500 you can bring in a single cpu P4, dual cpu P3, or even dual cpu AMD. Dual P4 Xeon is going to be too expensive.

    The single cpu P4 may be your best option, especially with the Northwoods out now. Given your budget, the arrival of the 533FSB Northwoods should help lower the cost of the 400s. Most of these cpus look to be overclocking well, so getting a lower speed (1.8 or 2) if you can find any of course, then overclocking on a DDR board may be a good option.

    Personally I'd go for dual AMD, but since you want Intel only, I'd go with the single P4. In the next few months there is a rumour that VIA will release a chipset capable of doing dual P4 Northwoods. May be worth doing research on that and waiting for it, even if you only buy 1 cpu to start with. Later on, when cheaper you could expand to a second cpu.

    I wouldn't recommend dual PIII or PIIIs since they are very close to end of life, and offer you no upgrade or future proofing. Also the cost of dual Intels is relatively very high, although to balance that it is a very well proven architecture with excellent usage and support.

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