1.2gig AMD thunderbird now boots at only 900mhz

I can't seem to find the source of this problem my Gigabyte diagnostics say that the chip is a 1200mhz chip and that the core voltage is correct but the program only clocks the chip at 900mhz. What could be the problem. Maybe thermal compound oozed somewhere funny. Or is my 300w power supply not up to snuff anymore?

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  1. Your BUS droped to a 100mhz.
    you need to set it back to 133 through your BIOS.

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  2. Definitely the FSB.

    133 x 9 = 1200
    100 x 9 = 900

    So pop it back up to 133 and you'll be fine.

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  3. Before gaining the little knowledge I have about todays technology, I had this problem when I buil my machine. And discovered it was indeed the FSB, but this is set by a jumper on the motherboard, at least on mine anyway, which obviously, cannot reset/change itself. Is it different for other boards then?
  4. Some mobos use jumper combinations, some use dip switch combinations and others are set in the BIOS, or give you the option to use switches or BIOS.

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  5. i've also got settings for this in the bios too, but anything higher than about 145mhz and it wont post. I haven't really experimented with overclocking my beast, as i don't fully understand it, but all these bloody settings everywhere make computers so much more stressful these days.
  6. it mightbe dangerous to set the FSB too high and set the multiplier lower in BIOS, I've read somewhere that the multiplier is set after the machine starts running the BIOS, so for a short while, the system attempts to run at the default multiplier at the set FSB resulting too high core speed even to boot.

    better set both the multiplier and FSB by jumpers I guess!

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  7. Well I'm pretty sure that nothing has changed as far as my dip switch settings go. Anyway my board's bus doesn't go above 100mhz. Do different chips take different multiplyers?
    This is a "new" chip to this board. (My old 1.2 thunderbird burned up with the HSF)
  8. If it is a new one, then you probably bought a 133 MHz FSB CPU, if your mobo doesn't support 133 MHz FSB then change it for a 100 MHz FSB CPU.
    But if you can set the multiplier on your board and the L1 bridges are connected with eachother (check on CPU surface) then you might want to tory if setting the multiplier to 12x makes your CPU run at 1.2 GHz.

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